Sunday, January 13, 2008

Growing As A Blogger

Jake wanted me to become an external blogger. I thought it's about time too. So today I start my journey into the wide open blogosphere.

My Blogging History

It was one fine day in mid '07 when
Sagar dared me to start blogging. He said he would start blogging, only if I did. Well it was a dare after all. So I started blogging internally within Big O using a sluggishy blogging server and infrastructure. I blogged mainly about Fusion and other internal musings. Then Sagar left. And there was no one else to nudge me to update my blog. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Anyways, I was not as prolific a blogger as Jake or Sagar, though I did hear back occasional positive comments from my readership, which was like 5 people.

What to expect from Puneet Thapliyal's blog?

In this external blog, I would start as being part of the echo chamber. That is, I would mainly re-post the interesting blog or article I read on the web, with some of my own wise comments. My interests are mainly around technology, startups, India, politics, movies and management. So I guess there would be something for everyone's liking.

With that, I begin my journey into the exciting world of the blogoverse. Wish me luck!


Jake said...

Welcome, IMHO good blogging starts with the ability to bring random thoughts to bear on common topics.

I'll be watching with interest.

David Haimes said...

Hi Puneet,

Great to see your putting your blog outside of Oracle.

I really liked you're bullpen piece and look forward to reading your future posts.

Puneet Thapliyal said...

@jake Thanks for the plug in your AppsLab blog post.

@david Thanks, I'll try my best to be entertaining :)