Sunday, January 13, 2008

Netflix Offers Unlimited Streaming. Would They Improve The Bollywood Selection?

Netflix would start unlimited streaming to most of it's subscribers this week onwards. It is being said that this is in response to an anticipated entry of Apple into the movie rental market soon. Great, I would now have 3 options soon:

  1. Comcast On Demand: I already have the option of online movies through the On Demand service from Comcast.
  2. Netflix+LG: And later this year LG Electronics Inc. will begin selling a set-top box that will deliver the Netflix content to TVs.
  3. Apple TV + iTunes: With Apple joining the rental movie business, that would be option #3.
Now I only wish that these services would improve their selection of Bollywood movies. The current set of hindi movies in Netflix and Comcast is not upto par. I hope Apple would bring in more excitement to this market and hopefully more focus on the south Asian audience. That would be awesome.


Jake said...

One of the tenants of the Cathedral and the Bazaar is scratching the itch. Maybe you've found your itch with Bollywood movies.

Not that I'm a consumer, but I've wondered before why there isn't a larger selection of Bollywood titles to rent online.

Maybe it's regulatory?

David Haimes said...

There is an option 4 which works really well for me.

4. Tivo+Amazon unboxed

No subscription, I just download them for a buck or two whenever I want them right onto my Tivo. They even gave me a $20 credit for just signing up

Jake said...

I'm with David. I was an early adopter of Tivo/Amazon Unbox, and I love the 99 cent weekend sales. The major issue (same for iTunes too from what I've seen) is selection, not enough new releases.