Wednesday, February 6, 2008

iPhone Competitor From A Company That Has Never Made A Phone Before

One of the most desirable features for iPhone 2.0, whenever it launches, I am hoping would be "real GPS capabilities", not just what we have today -- Google Maps with some shoddy triangulation services. With the integration of real GPS to Google Maps, this navigation feature would be a killer app in v2.0.

I never thought that instead of GPS-in-iPhone, I would instead be getting an option of iPhone-in-GPS. That too from a company that has never made a phone before.

Garmin Nuviphone

The GPS device maker Garmin, is launching an iPhone like device that has GPS built right into it. They are calling it the Nuviphone, perhaps to signify it as an improvement over their successful line of Nuvi GPS devices. I own Nuvi 360 and have been a happy customer. So I am excited to see what the Nuviphone would offer.

Nuviphone Videos

Garmin has released some videos to advertise the Nuviphone. I am embedding a couple of them here:

Video 1:

Video 2:

These advertiement videos look promising. However, it would be difficult to compete with iPhone, not only as a classy breakthrough phone, but also as a popular fashion statement. I wish Nuviphone all the best!


Jake said...

Sweet, this is the Apple effect. Superior design and interface drives up the overall quality in any given category.

If Garmin offers this at a lower price, it might take away iPhone sales. It looks pretty cool. One downside to the My Location feature on the iPhone is its lack of audible directions. I've used it successfully, but it's hard to fumble with my iPhone while driving. Not very safe either.

Devices are converging to be all things to all people. Look at Sirius, which now has an MP3 player version.